Genevieve Thiers is an disruptor, entrepreneur, speaker and investor that lives in the Chicago area. Her first company,, is America’s first company to take caregiving services online. now has millions of users worldwide. 


Thiers has spread her self-made fortune into 15 investments in women tech CEO’s and over 50 investments to female political candidates in the last three years.  She believes that when it comes to politics women need to form squads around each other and push which is why she hosts political fundraisers monthly in her home.


She is a Co Executive Producer and the political tech trainer on RUN, and founded this Chicago-based NewFounders conference, a political TED that brought in over 2000 major political leaders to Chicago between 2016 and 2020.  


Genevieve is the author of #TechYourself, the first-ever political tech playbook for candidates running for office.  She has trained over 1000 women on how to use tech in their campaigns since March 2019, and is one of the foremost thinkers when it comes to tech and politics in the nation.  See more at


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